About Access Bars®

Do you feel like change is too hard or impossible? Are you suffering from anxiety or depression, or are you happy with your life but feel like you could do or experience more?

Access Consciousness® Bars, a healing system founded by Gary Douglas, co-founded by Dr. Dain Heer, will help you renew your life. Access Bars® is an excellent way to erase old though patterns and build new awareness of how your thoughts affect your reality.

Make room for new experiences and possibilities.

How does it work?

Similar to other energy healing methods, you will lay on a table face up, fully clothed. Your practitioner will run energy through your body by touching your head, feet and then head. Next your practitioner will systematically put gentle pressure on 32 points on your head. This process will release stuck energy and thought forms that are holding you back, including emotions, beliefs or thought patterns that no longer serve you in a positive way. You may feel burning and tingling sensations and may feel a little ungrounded for a few moments. Drinking water immediately after is recommended.

What will happen?

Before I had experienced and learned Access Bars®, I had already felt the points on my head burning, so when I was taught the process, it seemed very natural to me. I had several ah-ha moments in the following week, where I had a deeper understanding of the patterns I was repeating and how it lead me to issues in my life, but without judgment. An important part to letting go of patterns is to forgive yourself for making mistakes and place no judgment – It is about creating awareness and redirecting our energy into new joyful patterns that will help you build a new reality.

How will this benefit me?

Since our thoughts can change other aspects of your physical and emotional well-being, this is an excellent modality to move you into making positive changes; Examples might be losing weight, improving your health, moving forward in your business or work and/or removing blocks that prevent you from receiving abundance in all aspects of your life.

Visit the Access Consciousness® blog for more information and personal stories from the founders.


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