About me

Like most people, I am many things and do many things. My healing evolution has been quite the amazing, tiring, and exhilarating experience, probably occurring over the last five years. I have had opportunities to connect to, and learn from wonderful people.

I started my career working in administration, where I have worked with some fantastic people and have kept gainfully employed for twenty years . During that time, I’ve worked in Brandon and Winnipeg, and while living in Australia, I had jobs in Bendigo, Victoria and Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

Through the years, I always kept a toe in the pool of alternative practices by continuing to learn and read about different modalities. Specifically, in the past two years, I learned Reiki healing, Access Consciousness ® Bars and chakra clearing.

I also enjoy writing, making jewellery, making things with essential oils and dabbling in a bit of photography. With the support of my husband, I have recently started a healing business and hope to engage and inspire others.

If you live in the Western Manitoba region, please contact me and request and appointment for a healing session; I would love to see you.